H&H has transitioned through many changes since it’s inception. Two brothers, Jim & Ray Harris, in April of 1947, embarked on a journey together opening their own business, H&H Heating, Cooling, Roofing & Tinning. Jim split the company after 20 years to press towards his new endeavor in heating and cooling.  In 1970 he was able to change the companies name to H&H Heating & Cooling, Inc.

To continue the family business Jim’s three sons and daughter worked by his side learning the trade. Jim semi-retired in 1983 giving the everyday operations over to his four children. His son, Gary, became president of the company. Jim fully retired in 1991, continuing to watch his children build H&H Heating & Cooling.

Gary retired in 2010, appointing the remaining siblings as Tim, president, Ron, vice president and Marleah, treasurer.

Ron retired in 2013 as vice president, appointing his oldest son, David Harris, as vice president, beginning the third generation lineage of ownership.

H&H Sheet Metal was born in 2015 when H&H Heating & Cooling made the choice to solely focus on the sheet metal fabrication side of the company. 

Tim retired in 2022, appointing David as president and Stephanie Harris, Tim’s youngest daughter, vice president.

H&H has gone through many transitions as a company, but through it all, H&H continues to offer quality products to our valued customers.

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